Tile Stickers: Review & Recommendations


Welcome to our big tile sticker test 2020, where we present you all the tile stickers we have tested in detail. We have put together detailed background information for you and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the net.

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you to find the best tile stickers for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page, which you should pay attention to if you want to buy tile stickers.

The most important facts in brief

  • Tile stickers are stickers for tiles, with which you can easily redesign your home. They are perfect for achieving a new look quickly and inexpensively without having a building site in your home.
  • Stickers for tiles are available in all possible colours and motifs – whether monochrome, with a landscape photo or as b
  • You can buy tile stickers in standard size or made to measure or you can cut them to your own size.

Tile sticker test: Favourites of the editorial team

  • The best classic tile stickers
  • The best mosaic tile stickers
  • The best tile stickers in tile look

The best classic tile stickers

These classic tile stickers from FoLIESEN are available in countless colours, each in glossy or matt, as well as in different stone optics. The stickers measure 15×15 cm and are available in packages of 30 to 500 pieces. This product is waterproof and therefore well suited for use in kitchen and bathroom.

If you are looking for classic tile stickers in a wide range of colours, you will certainly find them here.

The best mosaic tile stickers

These tile stickers from Tile Style Decals in the typical mosaic design are available in 6 different colors. You can order them in packages of 24 pieces in the sizes 10×10 cm or 15×15 cm. The tile stickers are oil repellent, waterproof and heat resistant. This makes them ideal for the bathroom and kitchen, even if the pool look of the mosaic is more like the bathroom.

If you want to create your tiles in a mosaic look, this product is perfect for you.

The best tile stickers in tile look

With this product from Tile Style Decals you get a colorful collection of tile stickers with different ornaments. The tiles are available in two sets with different colours and patterns. The sets of 24 stickers are available in the sizes 10×10 cm or 15×15 cm. Thanks to their waterproof, heat-resistant and oil-repellent properties, the stickers are suitable for use in the bathroom or kitchen.

If you are looking for a fancy and colourful embellishment for your tiles, you will certainly enjoy these stickers.

Advisor: Questions you should deal with before you buy tile stickers

What are tile stickers?

Tile stickers are stickers for tiles, with which you simply give your home a new look.

Stickers are ideal for redesigning or accentuating a tiled surface.

Tile stickers are available in various colours and motifs. Whether glossy or matt, from unusual patterns and ornaments to large wall pictures, there are tile stickers in countless variations. Popular are, besides single-coloured foils or landscape photos, especially tiles in Portuguese, Moroccan, Scandinavian or oriental style. Whole walls look great in wood or stone wall optics, for example.

Stickers for tiles can be easily applied and removed even by laymen. You not only save time and money, but also avoid unpleasant building sites in your apartment. Furthermore, tile stickers offer a lot of flexibility for quick changes.

If you do not want to have your home retiled, tile stickers are a quick and inexpensive alternative.

Individual damaged tiles can be easily concealed with tile stickers. Tile stickers are especially helpful in rented apartments where you cannot remove unsightly tiles.

Tiles are mainly found in the bathroom and kitchen or in the cellar. Tiles are often attached to walls, but floor tiles can also be redesigned with the right tile stickers. Make sure that they are suitable for the floor and are very durable.

How long do tile stickers last?

In the interior, tile stickers easily last several years.

Tile stickers are very durable.

If the stickers are exposed to great stress (such as in the kitchen or on the floor), you should pay attention to good quality. Outdoors, tiles can fade over the years due to UV radiation.

As a rule, however, tile stickers should last several years without any problems and can be removed without residue even after a long time.

Where can I buy tile stickers?

You can buy tile stickers at the hardware store. On the Internet you will find a huge selection of all kinds of tile stickers. You can also order tile stickers made to measure or printed with your own motif online.
In the following online shops you can order the most different tile stickers:

tile foil.com

What do tile stickers cost?

Tile stickers usually cost between 0.50 € and 2 € per sticker for smaller standard size tiles. For oversizes a sticker costs up to 25 €.
Tiles made to measure cost from 5 € with prices varying according to size. A cheaper alternative is to buy large pieces of foil, which you can then cut to size yourself. Larger pieces of foil of about 0.5 m² cost from 5 €.
In the following table you will find approximate prices for single-colour tile stickers in the most common standard sizes.

Monochrome tile stickers are the cheapest. Foils with a motif in stone or wood look, with ornaments or with photo usually cost a little more.

What are the alternatives to tile stickers?

Here you will find some alternatives to tile stickers.

In the following video you will find detailed instructions on how to lay tiles yourself.

Decision: What types of tile stickers are available and which one is right for you?

Tiles are mostly standard size and can easily be bought to fit. However, if your tiles have different dimensions, there are two other ways to get custom tile stickers. In this decision section we divide into the following three types of tile stickers:

  • Tile stickers in standard size
  • Tile stickers to cut to size yourself
  • Tile stickers made to measure

The three types differ mainly in their choice of colours and motifs and in their complexity. In the following we will show you all the advantages and disadvantages of these three options so that you can make the right decision when buying.

What distinguishes stickers for standard size tiles and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

The most common standard sizes for tile stickers are the following:

  • 10×10 cm
  • 15×15 cm
  • 15×20 cm
  • 20×20 cm
  • 20×25 cm
  • 30×30 cm

Stickers for tiles in standard sizes are the cheapest. You will also find them in an unbelievable number of designs. Whether glossy or matt, single-coloured or with unusual patterns. There is almost nothing that does not exist: A wide variety of motifs from imitation Portuguese tiles to ornaments, photos or entire murals. With the standard sizes you are sure to find something to your taste.


 Large selection of colours and motifs


Size must be right

This variant requires that your tiles are exactly standard size. Make sure that you have measured your tiles correctly so that your stickers fit exactly.

If your tiles are smaller, you can of course always cut out the right size from standard foils. However, this requires more effort.

What distinguishes tile stickers for cutting to size and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Tile stickers to be cut to size yourself are pieces of foil with a size of approx. 0.5 m². These are usually available at a reasonable price.

From larger pieces of foil you can cut out pieces that are perfectly matched to the size of your tiles. This is especially useful if you have tiles of different sizes or special dimensions for which you cannot find the right size of sticker.


 Suitable for unusual mass


Limited selection of motifs
 Elaborate cutting to size

Unfortunately you are a little more limited in your choice of motif here. These large foils are usually only available in one colour or with simple designs such as marble patterns.

A further disadvantage here is that the cutting process is more time-consuming. You should also take care to work cleanly when cutting to get a satisfactory result.

What distinguishes tile stickers made to measure and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

You can order stickers for custom tiles to get the perfect size for your tiles. This is especially useful if your tiles are not standard sizes. This saves you time and extra work compared to the option of cutting the tiles yourself.


A perfect fit for every dimension
 No additional work through cutting


More expensive
 Limited selection of motifs

Ordering custom tile stickers can be more expensive than the standard sizes. Furthermore the choice of motifs is usually more limited.

Purchase criteria: With these factors you can compare and rate tile stickers

In the following we will show you on the basis of which aspects you can decide between the multitude of tile stickers.

The criteria you can use to compare different tile stickers include

  • Size
  • Underground
  • Material
  • Design

In the following paragraphs we will explain what is important for the individual criteria.


When buying, it is important that you find the right size of stickers for your tiles. Measure your tiles accurately and look for tile stickers with exactly the same dimensions.

The right size will help you later to attach your stickers to the tiles without any problems. Also, accurately fitting tile stickers last longer.

If you don’t find the right dimensions in the standard sizes, you can buy larger foils to cut to size yourself or order custom tile stickers.


Make sure that the tile stickers are suitable for the surface on which you want to apply them.

Some tile stickers are not only suitable for tiles, but also for mounting on wallpaper, metal, plastic, glass or wood. However, it is worth clarifying this before buying, as most stickers stick best on classic tiles.

Tile stickers should always be placed on a clean surface for optimum adhesion. Make sure that the surface on which you want to apply the stickers is easy to clean.

Furthermore, the substrate should preferably be level. Most tile stickers are not suitable for uneven surfaces because they do not adhere properly.

Most tiles are on walls. If you want to attach tile stickers to the floor, you should make sure that the stickers are suitable for this purpose. On the floor, tiles are exposed to greater stress, so it is recommended that you use special stickers for floor tiles.


When buying the tile stickers, pay attention to what material they are made of and what properties they have.

In the bathroom as well as in the kitchen, the stickers should be waterproof. Otherwise the quality will suffer quickly and you will have to replace them soon. Also make sure that the tile stickers are resistant to cleaning agents. This simplifies the handling in kitchen and bathroom. Some stickers can even be cleaned with ammonia or tin cleaner.

In the kitchen your tile stickers should preferably be oil repellent and scratch resistant. This will help your tile stickers last long and look good even near the stove.

Especially in the bathroom or on the floor it is important that the tile stickers are non-slip to avoid the risk of injury.


An important criterion when buying the stickers for your tiles is of course the design. A good strategy is to orientate yourself on the interior design of the room in terms of colour and motif or to think about what style you want to achieve.

Maybe you want to design a whole wall or surface uniformly in one colour or a special look, such as a stone look. Or maybe you just want to add isolated color accents to the existing wall.

There are also large designs that create an entire mural across several tiles. For a very personal touch, there is the possibility to have your own motif, such as a custom-made photo, printed on foil.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about tile stickers

How to apply tile stickers?

You don’t have to be a master to apply tile stickers. Even for laymen this should be easy to do with a little patience and practice. Make an effort when attaching your tile stickers. Correctly applied tile stickers not only look better, but also last longer.

In the following we explain step by step how to apply tile stickers correctly.

    Clean the surface thoroughly with alcohol or glass cleaner and wipe it dry with a cloth. This is important so that your tiles adhere well.
    Moisten the tile slightly with water from a spray bottle.
    Place one edge of the sticker and gradually smooth it over the tile. If the sticker is crooked, it is usually easy to remove and reposition.
    Smooth out any bubbles with a brush or plastic spatula. You can also simply use a credit card.
    Brush the edges with a cloth and wipe the rest of the water dry. To paint the edges properly, it can also help to warm them slightly with a hair dryer.

How to remove tile stickers?

Good quality tile stickers usually last for years and can be removed easily and without residue even after a long time.

To remove tile stickers, you can blow-dry the edges slightly and then remove the stickers with a spatula.

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