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You just want to put your feet up after a long and exhausting day at work and end the evening with an exciting film? Then a TV chair is the right choice for you. But what quality criteria should you consider when buying a television armchair so that you can fully enjoy it?

In our television armchair test 2020 we present you the best and latest models from the respective categories. We also provide you with important tips to help you choose the perfect TV chair for you. Whether you are looking for a chair with a standing-up aid, a massage chair, a sleeper chair, a relax chair, a rocking chair or a wing chair, you will find the best TV chairs on the market here.

The most important facts in brief

  • A television armchair offers you an incomparable cinema experience for your home. Thanks to its high level of comfort, the armchair prevents tension and cramps.
  • The covers of the television armchairs are made of different materials, such as genuine leather, artificial leather and microfibre.
  • You can compare television armchairs with each other on the basis of various quality criteria, such as functionality, equipment, finish, comfort and design.

Television chair test: Favourites of the editorial team

  • The best relax armchair
  • The television armchair with the best price-performance ratio
  • The best television armchair with massage function
  • The best wing chair

The best relax armchair

The high-quality relax armchair by Robas Lund is made of genuine cowhide leather in the area of the complete contact surface. The back and underside of the armchair is made of the artificial leather polyvinyl chloride.

Furthermore, the recliner armchair consists of a frame made of stable moulded wood.  It convinces above all by its noble appearance and its high-quality processing. The good workmanship stands out above all due to the perfectly finished seams and the soft, pleasant leather.

The television armchair with the best price-performance ratio

The television armchair by Svita is a swivel armchair in comfortable imitation leather with a wooden base. The backrest is adjustable and the armchair can be tilted; overall the design is timeless. In combination with the stool it is perfect for cosy and relaxed hours at home.

Customers also praise the chair’s compactness and unbeatable price, with over half of them rating the chair as very good.

The best television armchair with massage function

This relax armchair with built-in massage and heating function provides all the desired functions, such as swivel or adjustable backrest, for an unbeatable price. It is also a real eye-catcher, so we can only recommend this model from Homcom!

This relax armchair by Homcom is upholstered in imitation leather, the upholstery is made of porous foam, which has been pulled over a hardwood construction. The imitation leather of this armchair is easy to clean and care for.

The relax and massage chair from Homcom has 10 vibrating massage points, six in the backrest, two in the seat and two in the stool. For an individual massage experience, 10 vibration modes and 10 massage intensities are available.

The best wing chair

This wing chair will be a real eye-catcher in your apartment. With its good workmanship and its stylish design it scores all along the line. Since the armchair is available in many beautiful colours, there is something for every taste.

The cover of this grey wing chair is made of a pleasant and high-quality processed fabric, which is available in different colours. The upholstery consists of foam and is reinforced inside with a wooden frame.

A beautiful effect is created by the built-in wave suspension, which makes the seat surface pleasantly springy and thus adapts individually to the weight of the person sitting. The legs of the armchair are made of wood and have a simple black lacquer finish.

Guide: Questions to consider before buying a television chair

What are the advantages of a television chair compared to a conventional armchair?

For a cosy evening in front of the television, you can of course sit on a conventional armchair or sofa, but in the long run your back will thank you if you switch to a special television armchair, which is ideal for longer periods of sitting and lying down.
In summary, a television armchair offers you the following significant advantages over a conventional armchair:

Greater comfort
Prevention of back pain
Provides individual functions depending on the model
Beneficial especially for older people

In general, TV armchairs are more comfortable than many other armchairs, as most models feature very soft upholstery and are able to adapt optimally to the body posture thanks to the adjustable backrest or the swinging mechanism.

Likewise, many television armchairs have their own footrest or a separate footrest, which allows maximum relaxation.

In addition, some models of TV armchairs have a built-in massage function, which can also help relieve back pain. As back problems are more and more common in older people and senior citizens, an armchair with a stand-up function can also be an enormous relief for them.

How much is a TV chair?

Television armchairs have a very wide price range, which on average can range from around 130 euros to around 650 euros.
The price here depends mainly on the functions the television armchair has and the material it is made of. The prices for a massage chair, for example, are usually already in the three-figure range.
If you only have a very small budget for your armchair, we recommend a simple swing armchair without special functions, such as the one from Ikea. You can buy this chair at Amazon from about 35 Euros.
If, on the other hand, you would prefer an electrically controlled armchair, which is equipped with a stand-up aid among other things, the price usually starts at around 400 euros.

Where can you buy a TV chair?

You can buy television armchairs in any well-assorted furniture store and on the Internet. TV armchairs which are electrically operated, such as those with a remote control or massage function, can sometimes also be bought in larger electrical stores.
Ordering larger pieces of furniture via the Internet has become more and more popular in recent years, as you can save yourself the costly transport. According to our research, most television armchairs on the Internet are currently sold through the following shops:
Poco domain

What material should a television chair have?

An important criterion in the choice of a suitable television chair is certainly the material of which the chair is made.
Ideally, this should be easy-care, hard-wearing and breathable. In the following, we will show you which materials can be differentiated here and which advantages and disadvantages the individual materials have:
Real leather


Breathable material which absorbs sweat
Very hardwearing
High longevity


Rather expensive compared to other materials
High need for care
susceptible to stains but insensitive to scratches and scrapes

Imitation leather


Very easy to clean
Insensitive to stains but prone to scratches
Relatively favourable


Often poorly processed
Partially chemical smell of the imitation leather



Very pleasant on the skin due to soft fabric
Pretty easy to clean and durable
Quick drying


Does not absorb moisture
Often looks cheap
Hair of pets adheres very stubbornly to the fabric

Which television chairs have a preventive and soothing effect against back pain?

Sitting for long periods of time can have an extremely negative effect on the back, especially if the posture when sitting is not optimal.
We have the wrong posture especially if we sit on unsuitable seats for too long. These negative effects on the back can be prevented or alleviated by back-friendly and ergonomic recliners.
But how do you recognise an ergonomic television chair? We have prepared a small checklist for this purpose:

The seat should be deep enough so that there is room for two fingers between the hollow of the knee and the seat
The backrest should provide good support for the back at all points and should reach at least to shoulder height
The backrest should be adjustable and have a footrest
The armrests should be wide and high enough so that the shoulders neither hang nor are pressed upwards
Additional massage or heating functions are ideal

Decision: What types of TV chair are there and which one is right for me?

Television armchairs, as the name suggests, are mainly used for watching television and should therefore offer a high level of comfort. But often other features of such armchairs are also taken into account in the decision-making process for purchase. The decisive features here are above all:


Are you looking for a TV armchair that is not only comfortable but also offers as many special functions as possible? Then the following armchairs might interest you:

  • Armchair with standing-up aid
  • Massage chair


The ideal armchair for you should preferably be very comfortable and offer maximum comfort? Then the following television armchairs are the most likely to be of interest to you

  • recliner
  • Entspannungsschiff


You looking for a real looker? Armchairs that are sure to attract all eyes are for example:

  • Swing chair
  • wing chair

Depending on what features of a TV chair you prefer in your choice , different types of TV chairs are best suited to you . In the following section, we will compare the different categories of TV chair to help you find the best one for you.

Which television armchairs offer the most useful functions and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Many TV armchairs have some helpful features that can sweeten your cosy TV evening. For example, there is often the possibility to control the TV armchair electrically, but also simple additional features such as a cup holder are offered.

We will now take a closer look at the individual advantages and disadvantages of possible special features of TV armchairs:

Armchair with standing-up aid

A TV armchair with a stand-up aid is particularly suitable for older people and senior citizens who have difficulty getting up again after sitting in the armchair. However, a TV armchair with standing-up assistance can also make everyday life easier for overweight people.

The standing-up aid works by means of a motor built into the armchair, which can be controlled by a remote control. At the touch of a button, the armchair tilts forward slightly, allowing you to get up without effort.


High seating comfort
No effort required to get up
Optimal for seniors


Takes up a lot of space
expensive to buy
Few choices in design

You can find more information about armchairs with a standing-up aid here.

Massage chair

With a massage chair you get the private masseur to your home! Especially after a strenuous day, some people can’t imagine anything better than a pleasant massage.

A massage chair not only saves you time, but also makes your wallet easier in the long run, as professional masseurs usually charge very high prices.


No need to go to a massage studio anymore
Cost saving (compared to massages)
relief of back pain


Less convenient when switched off
Very expensive to purchase
High power consumption

Which television chairs offer the greatest comfort and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

If the comfort of an armchair is your first priority and you spend several hours a day sitting, one of the following TV armchairs will certainly become your new favourite place:


The name of this armchair already gives it away: this armchair is made to relax! The Relax armchair inspires above all with its soft upholstery and pleasant sitting posture. Most recliners are also equipped with footrests, so that no part of the body is missing and you can really relax.


Prevention and relief of back pain
Individual adjustment of backrest and footrest
Optimal comfort


Takes up a lot of space
Relatively expensive to purchase
Visually unattractive

Some manufacturers also pay attention to ergonomic guidelines when producing their recliners in order to counteract back problems. If you suffer from back pain, a massage chair may be able to relieve it.


Are you also the kind of person who regularly falls asleep in front of the television on the sofa or armchair? A stiff neck is a common consequence here. A simple solution can be the use of a sleeping chair! Especially the electric models are very easy to extend when needed and can thus be converted into a bed at the push of a button.


Conversion from sofa to bed in seconds
Ideal for small living rooms, as it is very space-saving
Optimal for guests


No back-friendly form
Little stability
No real substitute for a bed

Which are the eye-catchers among the TV armchairs and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

If you are a person who attaches great importance to tasteful interior design and would like to furnish your living room with a new highlight, you will certainly discover your new favourite armchair among the following lounge chairs:

wing chair

The wing chair convinces with its vintage look and will undoubtedly become an eye-catcher for your guests in the living area.

The wing chair falls into the category of classic armchairs, as it has no special features but is also ideal for watching TV and relaxing due to its wide and strongly upholstered seat and backrest.


High quality
Stylish design
Scores with appearance and comfort


Works fast and powerful in small rooms
High transport costs
No adjustable backrest

Swing chair

If you only have an extremely low budget for the purchase of your armchair and still don’t want to do without comfort and an attractive design, the swing armchair is just right for you.

One of the reasons why the swinging armchair is so comfortable is that there are no legs at the back of the chair, because it swings pleasantly with the movements of the person sitting.


Very cheap to purchase
Takes up little space
Modern design


Low padding
Comfort decreases with very long periods of sitting
Difficult cleaning of the cover

Purchase criteria: These are the factors you can use to compare and rate armchairs

In the following section we will show you the criteria you can use to evaluate and compare TV chairs. This will help you to decide which TV chair is best suited for you.

In summary, these are:

  • Functionality & Equipment
  • Processing & Material
  • Komfort
  • Gestaltung

Functionality & Equipment

When does a television armchair exhibit a high degree of functionality? This is where the equipment and the individual wishes of the buyer are particularly important.

Functionality is characterised above all by the ergonomic sitting posture, which results in greater sitting and lying comfort.

This comfort can be enhanced, for example, by integrated head or neck support. If you like to put your feet up and relax, a footrest should not be missing in the equipment of the TV chair. For people with back problems, upholstered furniture with a massage function and/or heating function is particularly popular.

A distinction can be made between real massage chairs and chairs that are only equipped with a simple massage function.

High-quality massage chairs can cost up to 6,000 euros and offer, for example, an automatic parking mechanism, infinitely variable back adjustment as well as tapping massage, kneading massage, heat massage and compression massage.

A simple television armchair with massage function, on the other hand, is available from around 300 euros and is usually only equipped with a multi-stage vibration function.

If you have problems getting up from the armchair, an electric television armchair with a standing-up aid is recommended. This is particularly suitable for people who suffer from knee problems or senility.

However, if you cannot afford a TV armchair with a standing-up aid, we recommend buying a TV armchair with a correspondingly higher seat. Because the higher seating surface makes it easier to get out of the armchair again.

Are you a person who tends to “hang” in the armchair with a crooked back? Then we recommend that you buy an armchair with a rather small seat, because the smaller the depth of the seat, the more upright your sitting position becomes.

Especially the bent posture in an armchair can often contribute to the development of back pain and should therefore be avoided at all costs.

Processing & Material

The workmanship of the TV chair plays a major role, especially with regard to the durability of the chair. If the TV armchair is poorly finished, seams may come loose or the chair legs may lose their grip.

This must of course be avoided by avoiding poorly processed Chinese goods. The inferior workmanship is particularly noticeable here if the goods are used frequently or are moved several times.

You should also attach importance to high-quality material. You can easily feel the quality of high-quality, genuine leather. If the leather is of good quality, the surface feels very soft and supple and has a pleasant temperature. You should also make sure that the thickness of the animal skin feels about the same in every part of the TV chair.

You can recognise cheap imitation leather by the fact that it wears out quickly and looks worn out. However, it does have the advantage of being easy to care for, as it can easily be wiped with a damp cloth as soon as it becomes dirty. Real leather, on the other hand, requires more care.

If the armchair is made of aniline leather, for example, the colour of the leather may fade considerably when exposed to sunlight.

As a precaution, you should not place the sofa too close to the window and keep a distance to radiators. You can also apply a care product to prevent solar radiation, which can be found under the name “Aniline Protector”.

Fabric covers such as those made of microfibre also offer the advantage that you can sit comfortably on the armchair on warm summer days without getting stuck on the armchair by sweating, as is often the case with leather.

Particularly in the summer months, a fabric armchair has a clear advantage here, as it provides a more pleasant sitting experience than a leather armchair.

In addition, the maximum load-bearing capacity is also important during processing. This is different for many armchairs and should be taken into account especially by overweight persons.


The comfort of a television armchair is probably the most important decision criterion when buying an armchair. If you value a high degree of comfort in your TV armchair, we advise you to choose an armchair with sufficiently thick upholstery and a comfortable cover.

The soft upholstery of the armchair can adapt itself optimally to your body depending on your sitting position and thus ensures maximum comfort.

With regular use of the television armchair, the casual look of the upholstery is further enhanced, as the material usually stretches over time.

This can result in a slightly wavy surface of the upholstery, which does not indicate a quality defect, but is deliberately intended by the manufacturer. This sinking can be observed especially in leather armchairs, as leather is a natural material and changes its structure.

The resulting hollows are thus part of the typical image of an armchair and are also an important reason for the comfort of a leather armchair.

It is also worth mentioning that differences in seat firmness can occur here. These develop as the time of use progresses and result mainly from the body weight of the person sitting, which acts on the chair. In order to avoid too great differences in seat hardness, we recommend changing the sitting position from time to time.

The fit of the armchair, such as an ergonomically shaped neck section, an adjustable backrest or footrest, is also an essential feature of high seating comfort.

In addition, a comfortable armchair should have sufficiently wide armrests on which the arms can lie at the optimum height.


An extremely important purchase criterion is of course also the design of the television chair. Among other things, it is important to consider whether the colour of the armchair matches the interior decoration of the living room and how much space is available for the armchair.

In the case of armchairs with a standing-up aid, you must ensure that you leave enough distance from the wall, as the armchair moves backwards as soon as you operate it.

Even in the case of TV armchairs with adjustable backrest and fold-out footrest, care must be taken to leave enough space at the front and back for the tilted backrest and extended footrest.

If you do not have much space in your living room, we recommend you to buy a modern armchair or a swinging armchair, as these with their slim design take up less space than classic TV armchairs. However, if you place such a classic TV armchair in a small room, it can quickly look overloaded due to the massive armchair.

Modern armchairs also lend your living room an extremely attractive lounge character and are sure to become an eye-catcher for your guests. Lighter models can also be easily moved to other rooms, whereas this is often a problem with bulky and very heavy models.

You should also be clear about the colour in which your future television armchair should decorate your living room. Bright colours will be the highlight of the interior decoration of your living room.

However, you should be clear whether you really like this colour, because often your own taste changes after a few years and the gaudy colour tone no longer matches your own demands on the design of your home.

If you are unsure about armchairs in striking colours, we recommend that you buy a timeless armchair, for example in black or white.

However, it should be noted here that white armchairs often look worn out after a short time, as dirt on the white cover becomes visible very quickly. Therefore, black or grey television armchairs are recommended.

Should you wish to have colourful patterns on your TV armchair, this can only be achieved with a TV armchair with fabric cover. There are some models of armchairs on the market with coloured leather, but only in plain colours.

In summary, the advantage of leather is that it looks very noble and stylish, whereas fabric covers can score with their pleasant, soft feel on the skin.

Trivia: Worth knowing facts about television armchairs

The historical development of the television chair

The forerunner of today’s television chair became known as the “Lounge Chair” in 1956. It was first created in the USA by the designers Charles and Ray Eames for the furniture manufacturer “Hermann Miller” and became famous in Europe one year later.

Today, the so-called “Eames Chaires” are among the most valuable pieces of furniture in the world and are exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, among others.

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